The breaches of contract of the Tenor Miguel Fleta during the Second Spanish Republic

This research article aims to shed light on the legal encounters of the tenor Fleta for breaches of contract, carefully analyzing his final legal dispute that had yet to be studied. The article refers specifically to the legal proceedings initiated by Fleta in January 1933 against the Junta Nacional de Música y Teatros Líricos, and which continued until October 1935, during the Spanish Second Republic. However, Miguel Fleta was not the only party judged to be in breach of contract, as was believed until now based on press articles published in 1933 and various monographs on the tenor’s life. This article will be limited to extracting the necessary data to explain how Fleta’s legal situation came about and presenting the facts collected in the summary judgment that made the lawsuit against the Junta Nacional de Música y Teatros Líricos possible.

The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies



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